Amazing Mink Eyelashes Comparison 2018

Everybody knows that eyes catch all the attention. Just one glimpse of someones gorgeous eyes can make all the difference. And we’re not just talking about eye color or shape, no we’re also talking about your eye make-up and your mink eyelashes.

Yes you heard it right, MINK LASHES! They’re a thing you know, and if you haven’t even heard of it it’s about time you do. In this blog post I will go through some of the best lashes out there at the moment at an affordable time. I will also give you some insight into my (VERY) expensive salon experience!

Mink eyelashes have come a long way in the last few years, now coming in various styles, thickness, quality grades, in sets or individually and even with or without glue strips. So without further ado let’s dive into the wonderful world of ordering lashes online at a good price.

So at the beginning of this year I felt a need for some change. And I didn’t know having mink lashes could bring such change! I thought I would just walk into the salon, pick my favorite pair, apply them and walk out again. I was sorely mistaken. I was placed in a comfortable chair, all my eye make-up was nicely removed. One by one was each lash applied to my lash line. It was such a delightful process that I even had a quick nap as they were busy. The lashes and the treatment did come at a price though, a whopping $300 price tag!

Ok so now you’ve gotten a feel of what I went through, and even though it sounds delightful (it was) I understand that not everybody can afford this treatment and so it was my mission to find the best deals out there that give a near similar affect as what it did to my eyes. Lets have a look…